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  • Time zone

    The default Time zone on our BI Systems is UTC. (More on

    Plese note, that some statistics are not your local time. Also on our BI Analytic System we set the default Time-Zone “GMT” for single websites. You can watch the live-time on our BI System on this page.

  • Do-not-track settings

    We respect the privacy! If users have their browser set to “I do not want to be tracked” (Do-Not-Track enabled) then mdct Cloud Analytics will not track those visits. o-not-track is a technology and policy proposal designed to allow users to independently decide if their behavior is being tracked by websites, ad networks, and social networks. This function is permanently activated.

    Deactivation for visitors
    You can let your visitors decide if you want to evaluate them. Therefore, you can use the following HTML code (eg privacy page) to give your visitors the opportunity to opt-out. This code appears within an iframe and contains a link that places a cookie in your visitor’s browser, disabling capture by Webanalytics. To the API >

    Legal notice
    Please check the legal situation for website analysis! We strongly recommend using it in your privacy policy. We assume no liability for information or content of the statement, this page is for information purposes only. Please contact your legal department.

  • Tracking Code

    To analyze your visitor, you have to add the tracking code to your website. We recommend to paste it between your "header" tags in the top of your website.
    You will find the individual code in the Cloud Management Suite > Applications > BI > Tracking Code

    In our API Docs you will also find further informations. Please note, you have to update the website ID.

  • Mobile App

    The based system "Matomo(R)" provides also a mobile app to track our visitors on iOS and Android.
    You can download the app in your store below.


    If you start your app, you have to enter the user-name and password like in the web-interface.
    You will find this informations in your App in the Cloud Management Suite
    As URL, please use:

    App Store

    Google Play

  • Matomo Forum

    The official provide Matomo does also provide a large forum database with a lot of informations