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  • How can I access the server?

    You can access via SSH (Port 22) with your server IP. You will find the server IP as like as the first password on your applications after the login at Cloud Management Suite.

  • Which tool I can use for SSH/SFTP

    The choice of the tool is up to you, we recommend the software Putty, mRemoteNG and WinSCP.
    Below the downloads (external websites).

  • Monthly server updates

    We offer monthly patch installation of your Linux environment. Simply activate this in your server settings after placing your order.
    Go to your server in the Cloud Management Suite and activate the update service there via a support ticket. Alternatively, you can start the request directly below.

    We will deal with you regarding access and you will then receive the latest patches installed on a monthly basis without you having to worry about it. We do not carry out release updates as a matter of principle.
    Support Ticket
    About our servers

  • Can I upgrade my server?

    Yes, you can simply upgrade your server to a larger edition. Please note, you can only decrease back if you not upgrade the storage.

  • Where do I find the difference to the server models? (Gernal, CPU, ...)

    You can find them directly on the product page and in the pricing view. Website

  • Which firewalls are available?

    Basically all systems are behind firewall systems, you can choose between the following in the Cloud Management Suite:

    No further settings

    SSH, TCP, 22
    HTTP, TCP, 80
    HTTPS, TCP, 443

    Custom, TCP, 21
    SSH, TCP, 22
    Custom, TCP, 25
    HTTP, TCP, 80
    HTTPS, TCP, 443