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  • Where can I login to my emails?

    Visit our Webmail website at
    The service is accessable from desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • OpenPGP – Encryption

    For more security with eMails there is the widely used method for encryption with PpenPGP. We only offer the integrated encryption with OpenPGP from the Webmailer. Other types of eMail encryption are possible, but are not officially supported by us.

    -> Login > Account > Settings > OpenPGP
    -> Create a new key with a new password.
    -> Now you will see your private und public key (keep private, private!)

  • Change webmail design

    We update our client in random time-frames with new picutres and designs.
    Go to Settings > Themes to change it fro your side.

    Cloud Mail

  • Cloud Mail Limits (Attachements)

    Attachements allowed up to 15MB

  • Cloud Mail – CardDAV Remote-Sync

    To enable remote synchronization via CardDAV, log in to your mailbox.

    1. Click on the user icon in the upper right corner
    2. settings
    3. contacts
    4. Enter the data of the server
    5. Activate the synchronization

  • Mail Server & local connect

    Below you will find further information on the local connection to your mailbox.
    You can access your mailbox directly, simply and quickly via web access:


    25Space BusinessMail uses AutoDiscover to configure your Outlook client. To set up your Outlook client, you need your BusinessMail email address and password.
    BusinessMail integrates with the following versions of Outlook:
    • Office Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019
    • Outlook for Mac 2011, Outlook 2016 for Mac, and Outlook 2019 for Mac

    You can add a new account by simply entering your email and password. (Select "Exchange" when prompted).

    If you have problems with the connection, you can connect the Exchange manually by entering the following host name. If you are also asked for a user name, you can find it in Cloud Management Suite > Applications > BusinessMail.

    Classic connect via IMAPS/SMTPS / Port 993
    Force SSL, default authentication. / Port 465
    Force SSL (no STARTTLS!), default authentication

    mdct Group Simple/Classic Mail

    If you use Classic Mail/Simple Mail from the mdct Group (obsolete), you can integrate the mailbox via the following data.
    You can access your mailbox directly, simply and quickly via web access:
    Incoming server (IMAP – SSL / TLS) (Port: 993)
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP – SSL / TLS) (port: 465)

    Apple iOS >
    Google Android >

  • BusinessMail – Migration

    We provide a mail migration service from your old mail account (also if you are using mdct Group Simple Mail).
    If you we should start a mailbox migration, please contact our service team.

    The migration will be take about 2-4 hours.
    Please note, we copy all elements in your inbox to the new mailbox. It is possible, that customizing like tags, archives, read/unread, flag, and so are not longer set in the new Environment. You have to set this settings again.

  • Business Mail – Default Information

    Business Mail works with all major mobile devices and operating systems that support the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. These include iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and Tablet. Also on Windows and macOS computer systems.
    You can access BusinessMail via Microsoft Outlook. You must have a valid Microsoft Outlook license to use Microsoft Outlook with BusinessMail, which provides native support for the following versions of Microsoft Outlook:

    Office Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019
    Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 Click-to-Run
    Outlook for Mac 2011, Outlook 2016 for Mac, and Outlook 2019 for Mac
    It is also possible to get access via Web or via IMAP.

    Mail Limits
    There are various technical limits and limitations that cannot be further increased.

    The maximum size of a mailbox is 50 GB per user.
    The maximum size of an outgoing or incoming e-mail message is 25 MB.

  • Business Mail – Device Security

    If you install or connect Business Mail on your client (tablet, laptop, smartphone,…), the security settings for companies are copied to your client.
    A password or PIN is required on your device, a completely unsecured device is not permitted.

    We’re planning further restrictions here in the future, for increased security.

    Please note that these settings are not customizable.

  • BusinessMail – Connect to devices

    You can connect your BusinessMail to different devices and systems.
    BusinessMail is not another simply email service, this is a high performance and quality mail service which connect today’s requirements, current data protection regulations (keyword DSGVO, GDPR) and current business processes.

    We recommend the app (iOS and Android) Microsoft Outlook. You can download it free of charge from your respective App Store.

    Connect manually on your device
    Account: Exchange
    Protocol: ActiveSync
    User: You eMail

    Connect with Android
    On your Android device, select Apps, Email, Add Account.
    Depending on what options are available in your email app, select Exchange or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. For more information, see Set up e-mail in the Android e-mail app. In the dialog box, enter your BusinessMail e-mail address, password, and account description, and choose Next.
    In the Exchange Confirmation dialog box, select the items you want to synchronize with your device. Then select Save. Now you can use your email account with your Android email app.
    Design synchronization with Android devices is not supported.

    Connect with iOS
    On the iOS device, select Settings and scroll down to Accounts & Passwords (Mail in older versions).

    Select Add account and Exchange.
    In iOS 11, enter your business email address and account description, select Next and then Sign in, and enter the password for your email address.
    In the Exchange Confirmation dialog box, select the items to synchronize with your device. Then select Save.
    Design synchronization with iOS devices is not supported.

    Microsoft Outlook, Windows
    In Windows, open Control Panel and select Mail (32-bit).
    In the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box, select Show Profiles and click Add in the Mail dialog box.
    In the New Profile dialog box, type in the name in the BusinessMail field and click OK.
    In the Add Account dialog box, in the E-mail Address field, enter your mdct Group BusinessMail e-mail address and choose Next.

    Additional Note
    When prompted to enter your username and password, make sure you enter the full e-mail address as your username.If the Configure …Server Settings for this Web site? dialog box prompts you to configure the server settings, select the Do not ask about this Web site again in the future check box and click Allow.

    If your account is set up and you see a message that your account is ready, select Finish.
    For more information about adding accounts in Outlook, see Set up the Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 e-mail feature.
    If automatic configuration fails, you can configure Microsoft Outlook manually

    To configure Office Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013, follow these steps.

    In Windows, open Control Panel and select User Accounts and Mail (32-bit).
    In the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box, select Show Profiles and click Add in the Mail dialog box.
    In the New Profile dialog box, type BusinessMail in the Profile Name box and click OK.
    Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then click Next.
    Add the server
    For User name, enter your Amazon WorkMail e-mail address and select More settings.
    On the Network Security tab, select Anonymous Authentication when logging in.
    On the Connection tab, select Connect to Microsoft Exchange via HTTP.
    Select Exchange proxy settings and enter the endpoint that corresponds to the infrastructure
    For fast networks, select Connect via HTTP first, then via TCP/IP.
    Under Proxy authentication settings, select Default authentication, click OK, and then click OK again.
    Select Check name, enter your mdct Group BusinessMail email address and password, and select Next.
    After Microsoft Outlook sets up your account, you will receive a message that your account is ready to use. Click Finish.

  • Search for MailAPI?

    Do you search for the MailAPI service? Change the docs.

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