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Help - Domain/DNS.


  • Manage Domain DNS

    In this article you will learn how to manage the DNS settings of your domain yourself. From A Record, MX Record or DNS Value.
    This is only possible for internal domains, if you have added an external domain, please set this at your hoster.

    Please note: DNS settings can take between 24 and 48 hours to become globally available.
    Please login at and click “Applications”, here you can select the Domain settings.
    Here you can define your DNS settings for the domain, afterwards please click the CONFIRM button.

  • Domain Whois update

    In the respective registries there is one holder (Admin-C) for each domain or called “owner”. We deposit this with a new order or take over this with a domain transfer.

    Since 25.05.2018 – when the DSGVO/GDPR came into force – these data may no longer be publicly displayed and may only be issued on request in certain cases.

    In order to change the stored data, we offer a corresponding form for you. Please fill out this form and send it to us via the ticket system.
    We charge a fee of 25 € per domain.

    ICANN - Owner update
    Due to the guidelines of ICANN, we will contact you automatically to check the data of the domain. You will receive an email containing the current data.
    Download form (PDF)

  • Add external Domain

    We support using your own domains, without hosting the domain at
    This feature is necessary if you want to connect your WebApp or server with your domain.

    Login at Cloud Management Suite > Create > External Domain.
    Now enter you Domain (FQDN) and proceed this order (100% free). Now we will check this domain with a few security steps. Afterwards you will find your domain in “Domains” with the tag “Exernal”. Now you can connect it to your WebApp oder server.
    The external Domain will displayed as “Ext-Domain”.
    You will then receive an IP address to redirect your domain.
    By adding your external domain, we allow access to our systems, so you can redirect them to a WebApp. The connected WebApp can be adapted later.

  • Domain parking

    We offer our customers to park their domain with us when it is not needed. We display various advertisements (no impact from the customer's side) on the domain. After a hosting period (usually 12 months), you as a customer receive a share of the advertisements credited to your account.

    Your costs are therefore at maximum the standard costs of the domain, the credit of the advertisements is not limited. However, this may vary due to the wide range of domains.

    - You can set the domain parking setting in the Cloud Management Suite and adjust it every 30 days.
    - For technical reasons, the changeover can take up to 48 hours.
    - There is no access to the advertising credit during the term.