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Help - Cronjob.


  • How can I create Cronjobs

    Login to the Cloud Management Suite, select Cronjob on the left side and hit the "Add new" button.
    You will create a free to use cronjob. You can now edit, set the time, URL and description.
    You can activate and deactivate your cronjob anytime without further issues. In the cronjob dashboard you will see further details about the last run. Login

  • Pricing

    You can use 1 cronjob for free. If you need more, you can book monthly packages with 3 or 25 cronjobs.
    For more details, please visit our pricing website

  • Is there a limit?

    You have only limits as free account.

  • How often they can run?

    You can (as pro) select between 1 minute and 1 year. Free cronjobs starts at 10 minutes.

  • How current is the call?

    No, we call up your page in the time periods you specify. However, there may be a slight delay, as many other pages are accessed by other users. However, these delays are in the range of a few seconds.

  • How does the task run?

    We call your pages like a browser, but with the following restrictions:
    - No extended objects are loaded (such as: flash, objects, images, etc)
    - No JS is executed
    - No cookies
    - No meta-refreshs are followed

  • From which datacenter?

    Currently we start the cronjobs from our main datacentere in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA1).
    If you need further regions, please contact our support to find a solution.