Lightweight Server - just simple Windows servers.

Lightweight Server.
Just simple #Windows servers.

Windows based, built for reliability & performance.

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Windows Server, starting at 15€*.

Lightweight is an easy-to-use virtual private server (VPS) that gives you everything you need to build an application or website, plus an affordable monthly plan. Whether you're working with the cloud for the first time or want to get up and running quickly with infrastructure you're familiar with, we have everything you're looking for.

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Just run.

Free Static IP address
1-click RDP access
Highly available SSD storage
Fast & secure network
Low, Predictable Pricing
Easily Scale Your Idea
Incl. Windows-Server License

Lightweight helps you build, deploy, scale and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily and cost-effectively with Windows Server. For IT business applications, Lightweight runs Windows-based solutions in a secure, easily managed, high-performance cloud environment. Common Windows use cases include hosting enterprise Windows-based applications, website and web services hosting, data processing, distributed testing, hosting ASP.NET applications, and other applications that require Windows software.

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Worry-free Hosting

Take care of your business and their systems. We make sure that the server is highly available for you. Create your own server online in a short time with the appropriate configuration and start directly.

Sites, applications, testing

From simple web applications, complex websites and enterprise software to test and development environments. With Lightweight, nothing stands in the way of your tasks.


Open and transparent pricing, exactly according to what you use. Includes the license for Windows Server.
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Learn about pricing
  • What is Lightweight?

    Lightweight Server is a simple and quickly available version of server hosting. Here we directly offer the Windows Server editions. You have no technical limitations

  • What are the plans?

    We offer different editions, suitable for your requirements. Find more details on our price web page.

  • In which regions are the servers available?

    Currently we offer the services in EU-Germany/Frankfurt.

  • What operating systems are available?

    Currently, we offer the last two versions of Microsoft Windows Server to choose from, but we always recommend the latest and most up-to-date version.

  • Is the license included?

    Yes, the Windows Server editions include the license for the edition.

  • What does the data transmission cost?

    The data transfer is included in the package you have booked. If you exceed the amount, we will only charge you for the outgoing traffic. (1,50€/GB)

Legal & Details

* The monthly price is for the edition lww1.level1 in EURO, without Tax.
By using this service, you agree to be bound by the End User License Agreementof the provider.