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Add only the needed resources and services to your portfolio.
Administration & infrastructure services.

Global Infrastructure

Strong global infrastructure with 40GbE internal connectivity and SSD storage only. Quality in high tech data centers.


Pay for only what you use, without any upfront commitments. We provide simple and open pricing.

High availability

High availability of 99.99% for all services. Globally Available Geo-Redundancy.

Project management

Management of resource groups, planning and overview of costs as well as service management.

Easy setup

Simple and clear creation and addition of further services. Online and fast.


Start with a small server because you can flexibly change it to the next higher model. Depending on your requirements.

All cloud infrastructure services in one platform.

Add additional external cloud providers.

Add external services for free, manage everything in one platform and keep track of your IT costs.

Microsoft Azure AWS Google Cloud

Virtual Server
High performance cloud servers.
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Windows Server
Stable and simple Windows servers
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Mail API
Connector for your email services.
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ONE by 25Space
Your one-for-all website.
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QRCode Generator
Create your free QR Code.
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SSD Storage up to 16TB.
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Start now with your cloud app.
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URL Shorter
Create free short links
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Create and manage online cronjobs
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Cloud-Hosted Webanalytics.
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Simple & save file-sharing
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Managed Google Webmaster Tools
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Be present - The only URL you need!
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WordPress Updates
Update service for your WordPress page.
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Everything begins with your domain.
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Business Mail
Your mailbox for a growing business.
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Success Story

The platform for successful customer innovations.

  • As a craft business we have found a strong partner who offers us solutions and services to be technically advanced. Together we master technical challenges.

    Small building industry
    Customer success story
  • 25Space offers us a high-quality infrastructure for gaming servers. In addition, an extremely attractive price-performance ratio for the suitable requirement.

    Customer success story
  • Highly available cloud resources for development and professional operation. Scalable and growing infrastructure.

    Developer, Software engineering, SRE
    Customer success story
Manage Azure, AWS & Google

Add your other cloud services to the Azure, AWS and Google Cloud platforms free of charge and benefit from a central cloud overview. Keep track of your costs across platforms. You can also add external services to different resource groups and projects.

Welcome View

The Welcome View offers the direct linking to their most important services and platforms. Use it as a free welcome page and quick access to important systems such as Intranet, Slack/Teams, WordPress, SAP and others. Different views for admins and users extend the possibility.

Additional Services

The Cloud Platform also offers a range of free services. Whether Welcome View, URL Shorter or the Cloud Studio with many other individual tools, all these services can be used free of charge at any time to make your daily work easier and simpler.


Many of our applications are scalable for your business. These can grow directly with your current requirements. This means that there are almost no costs for over-scaling.


All our services comply with the several standards and specifications including the data protection regulation GDPR/DSGVO. We fully support the GDPR.

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Trust the Cloud

Experience the power of cloud computing. We are investing heavily in the security of our cloud environment and pay attention to architecture from the ground up. Always monitor the live status of our systems.
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Screenshot Cloud Management Suite

Learn about cloud management.

The central platform for all your cloud applications. The design is inspired by professional users and intuitively developed for small and large companies with big goals.

Built for you

Your control center. Manage, control and administer your cloud applications. The modern and intuitive design provides access to your email addresses, domains, websites, servers and much more. Edit the services and add new ones.

Build & Run

The Cloud Trust Center in the Cloud Management Suite gives you live status of our technical systems, as well as exact statistics about the performance and possible faults to inform you constantly about the technical status.

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Cloud Monitoring


Integrated cloud monitoring for your services with direct mail alerting about possible disruptions.

HTTP Check

Automatically check the accessibility and availability of your web services and websites at regular short intervals. If there is a malfunction, you will be informed directly.


Each already free account has a limited number of monitoring checks included. This means that each customer already has their own monitoring for the services.

25Space.com - Cloud Management Suite
Easy to use. Quality service.

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Still up to date.

We are constantly releasing new features and updates. We intensively our customers and users in the development process through feedback. This continuous updating enable us to learn continuously and offer our users additional value.

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